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>.Why it matters what a stone age people thought about almost anything
besides having a historical and anthropological value?

These people got some simple astronomical information right and they were
obsessed with it. They added some numerology to it and they attributed to
this exoteric mix  a deep cosmic significance. But it is just superstition
and all very arbitrary nonsense. The year is the only astronomical cycle
that they could have observed to have any relevance at all with physical
reality. The others they mention are all arbitrary and based on primitive
religious and numerological nonsense. .Giovanni




Sure but just imagine the severe embarrassment we will endure if the world
really does end today.


The old saying is, on the day the world ends, someone somewhere was holding
a sign the day before warning "the world will end tomorrow."


In any case, if the world doesn't end today some time, then I need to run
out and buy a bunch of Christmas gifts.  I didn't bother, just in case the
world ended, as promised.  I could have gone the other way: spent a buttload
of money and put it all on my credit card, knowing that if the world ended I
wouldn't need to bother paying it back.



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