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>...I often feel like a thief when I write my papers, since I know many good
ideas emerged on this list or in diffuse conversations elsewhere. So many
people who ought to get credit, so hard to properly give it to
Them...-- Anders Sandberg

Ja!  A perfect example is something I have been wanting to write about in
book length for some time, the M-Brain.  Robert Bradbury is gone now, and
all I can say is that he did a lot of the ground work with his wildly
imaginative brain.  I worked out the orbit mechanics and did the math on
some of the thermal stuff.  He never accepted my conclusions on the second
part, so now if I write, I credit him with the idea, then immediately go off
on a path he rejected.

The ExI list is a great cauldron in which to cook a witch's brew of notions.
I dump my ideas here first and best.


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