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>> Carrying fuel in those big tanker rigs is a most efficient way to
> move energy.  ...

>...If you are moving fuel on those scales, it would make sense to go for
rail for the long hauls.
In fact I think it would be economic to site the conversion plants near rail
depots and run the power cables to there.  Pipe the output directly into
railway tankers and save half the transfer hassles of road-rail-road
delivery.  -David

Ja, the point is this: wind power can be located waaaay the hell out away
from everything, where no one wants to live.  Then we can deal with the
noise of wind turbines and the aesthetic penalty of enormous fields of PVs,
out where few see or hear them, convert coal or ideally biomass to liquid
fuels, truck it or rail it to wherever it needs to go.  Something like that
at least has a theoretical possibility of being sustainable, so that we can
get back to working towards the singularity, or something like it.


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