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For the first time in ? 10years? I feel the need to uncloak from lurking. 

Apropos paid holidays and vacations. 
The most cynical university course I have ever taken was System Ergonomy. Translation is somewhat shaky but it did not make proper sense in swedish either. Among many other more or less directly unethical information we had an very very interesting session about how to exploit your workers as good as possible. 
Turns out that for most trades and especially engineers, time to rest and recouperate increase production more than the loss of time from beeing on holiday reduces production. 
So all vacations and worktime control in sweden is based on a systematic exploition of workers. Not sending the employees to rest and have fun outside work is bad for production results. 
All that human rights yada is a nice afterthought. 

24 dec 2012 kl. 17:06 skrev "spike" <spike66 at att.net>:

>> ... On Behalf Of Anders Sandberg
>> ...First, the human rights declaration does not claim any human right to
> bear arms (to the non-US world it sounds downright crazy - and yes, there is
> a human right for *paid holidays* (article 25) in the tail end of that
> document). ...  -- Anders Sandberg
> Indeed?  A human right for paid holidays?  Whose holidays?  Who is obligated
> to pay for them?  Does it apply to contractors?  Part time employees?
> Defined how?
> Anders this blows my mind.  I can see why unemployment stays so high.  It
> seems the price of hiring humans just keeps rising, which further increases
> the incentive to replace employees with machines or foreign contractors from
> places which are not interested in human rights.
> spike
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