[ExI] bah, humbug

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Dec 25 02:13:22 UTC 2012


Watching the familiar Dickens Christmas classic with the family, I was
struck by Scrooges use of the term "humbug."  I have always heard that as
something bad, but this time I asked, OK then, what the hell is a humbug?
Is it an actual insect that hums?  Why is that a bad thing?


Google offered this beast:




Now THAT'S a really cool looking bug!  I like it.  That pattern on her back
almost looks like the Extropians logo.


So why are bogus things humbugged?  The urban dictionary offers that a
humbug is an insect that is said to crawl up one's ass and hums a tune,
which I could clearly see would be uncomfortable to say the very least.  But
I have my doubts that any such beast as the one shown could possibly do such
a thing, certainly without my notice and immediate, perhaps mildly panicked,
remedial action.  Depending on one's location at the time of the humbug
attack, it could certainly be a bad thing, at least for the immediate
victim.  Depending on the attitude and alcohol content of the bystanders, I
could see where a humbug could perhaps create hilarity among the onlookers.


In any case, Merry Newtonmas Extropians!





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