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autonomous transport mechanisms would be most efficient.  however, one must
determine if there are not other 'values' at play.  work gives people (and
even transhuman people) purpose and meaning, which are as important to
psychic health as food and water are to physical health.  also, some choose
to be 'on the road' for the thrill of seeing other places, something even a
holo-presence couldn't simulate.

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>  Better still, lets makes them operate by remote control. Why does a
> truck driver need to be at a the wheel when he can drive from the comfort
> of a sofa in his lounge.
> It works for the drone program, why not the transport system ;oD
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> >Lets make the people smaller.  ...for all the same reasons you wanted>female amputee dwarves in your rocket:  you'll need less food, it>costs less energy to move them around, etc.  Any of the historic>advantages of burly men for labor have been more than met by machines.
> > Even the structural requirements to support those burly men are
> >overkill for people averaging 50k
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