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For those who are really interested in acting for Dr Coles: it is now (rather
than in 2 or 3 days as it will be surgery)
=> donate <<search Add special instructions to the
 (...) and specify "for Dr Coles' treatment">>
=> transmit

PS: time being for action
- please don't hesitate to send it to your community, colleagues, facebook
- don't hesitate to rewrite it and make it yours
- don't hesitate to propose your help to contact cancer-treatment companies.


[image: Dear All, Dr Steve Coles, a world leader
décembre 23:06
Dear All,

Dr Steve Coles, a world leader in aging research, has cancer. The professor
at UCLA, head of the world renowned Gerontology Research Group, director of
the Supercentenarian Research Foundation, is succumbing to one of the worst
age-related diseases of all. A person who dedicated his life for the
healthy longevity of all needs your help. And you can help!

1) Donate: http://www.grg.org/donate.html
 <<Warning: look for Add special instructions to the
and specify "For Dr Coles' treatment>>
Dr. Coles's family asks to donate for his treatment through the “Donate”
Page of the Gerontology Research Group

2) Help apply a ground-breaking approach for Dr. Coles treatment, by
spreading the word.
Many researchers on the Gerontology Research Group mailing list have
proposed ideas to help Steve. Dr Coles’ family is particularly interested
in the "mouse culture" concept, where a patient’s tumor is taken during
surgery and injected in mice. Then the mice are tested for various
treatments, and the treatment which is found to be most effective is
applied to the patient.

The procedure is new and has been empirically shown to be quite effective.
But it costs about $22K. We hope that the company performing the treatment
can make a big discount, in view of the publicity that can be generated.

Depending on the company’s offer, the amount of money that we collect and
the number of people we reach, we will try to help Dr. Steve Coles the best
way we can. Inaction kills.
The operation is scheduled for Thursday, January 3. The time to act is now!

Please donate and spread this message!

International Longevity Alliance

Edouard Debonneuil
Ilia Stambler

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