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>...problematic because the US is highly dependent on its constitution and
its mythology for its functioning.  --  Anders Sandberg...

Ja, Anders, and here is a fun exercise for you, next time you are in the
states.  Ask any number of proles two questions: 1) Does your constitution
guarantee a non-felon adult citizen the right to vote, and 2) Does your
constitution guarantee you the right to keep your vote private?

Surprising answer to these questions: 1) yes and 2) no.  We have the right
to vote but not necessarily the right to a secret ballot in the
constitution.  I would argue that it is now possible with current technology
to have both verifiability and privacy, but for the sake of argument will
agree that under some circumstances, privacy does come at the expense of
privacy.  We as a society have given away a constitutionally guaranteed
right in exchange for a right that is not constitutionally guaranteed.

We seem to be making no effort to rectify that situation, and I fear we do
so at our peril.


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