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Hi Gordon, we missed you man!


>. I remember a conversation I had on this discussion list about ten years
ago with Robin Hanson about the future of prediction markets. Robin is
perhaps the father of prediction markets. (Robin, are you still active here
on ExI?)


We haven't seen a post by Robin in several years.  I just checked; he is not


>.I'm looking at depositing money at intrade.com. -gts (Gordon)


I have followed InTrade for a long time, haven't played it.  Advise going in
with small amounts until you get the hang of it.  I think InTrade is OK.
The forum doesn't have complaints against the company.  Both InTrade and
Iowa Futures tend to be most active around political events: that's where
the high volume trading takes place.  


>. I've heard of other prediction markets like the Iowa Electronic Markets.
I don't know which is best.


Try them both, report back, me lad.  You will be doing a good deed for your
fans back here at ExI.



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