[ExI] Gmail now has video conference calls

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 13:13:13 UTC 2012

Video chat face-to-face-to-face with Hangouts in Gmail
You’ll be able to chat with all the same people you did before and, in
fact, with Hangouts you’ll now be able to reach them not only when
they are using Gmail but also if they are on Google+ in the browser or
on their Android or iOS devices.

All Gmail users will benefit from this upgrade, but if you and the
person you're chatting with also use Google+, you’ll get even more
from the Hangouts experience. You'll be able to video chat with up to
nine people at once, watch YouTube videos together, collaborate on
Google documents and share your screen.

So if you want to chat to somebody offlist, or have a conference call
about a paper, you can now link from Gmail.


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