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>.Hi Stefano,

>.Where are you getting all this from?  Especially specifics like "since

>.All I have is anecdotal evidences, but here's a few things I see that seem
to say otherwise?

*	.
*	Mormon Transhumanism is certainly growing! ...


*	The average life span continues to go through the roof.
*	I, as a type 1 juvenile diabetic,  last year.So I just in time
dodged that bullet.
*	My son was diagnosed . didn't exist till last year.
*	Everyone thinks the costs of medical care are going up .

Excellent points Brent.  Well said.

*	We're continuing the working on the "Consciousness Survey Project"
at Canonizer.com - now with people like Dennett, Chalmers, Hameroff, Lehar,
and so many other contributing world class leaders.  .


I admire you for staying on this over the years, even if at times you must
have felt like the lone voice crying out in the wilderness.  It encourages
me to keep on with my favorite idea for which I have a hard time generating
funding or mass enthusiasm, the notion of rigging up virtual realities for
old geezers.  By this I mean of course older than I am geezers, the kind
that live in nursing homes and such.


Brent Allsop

Brent you are gift pal.  Best wishes with those medical sitches for you and
your son man.


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