[ExI] Report on space business

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Mon Nov 12 14:37:09 UTC 2012

Still not certain what will happen with the China-India deal - there has 
been some strange maneouvering in the past in the Indian space program, 
because of politics (of course). But we should hope they "get" it.

On 11/11/2012 20:38, Keith Henson wrote:

> Unlike Elon (who has stated he hates the power sat concept), Reaction
> Engines has long been upfront that their vehicle (Skylon) is well
> matched to the massive payload capacity needed for power satellites.
> Actually, in terms of SpaceX, Elon is right.  Chemical vertical
> takeoff rockets are not just suitable for power sats.

I will try to find out why Elon doesn't like power sats. Could it just 
be that he gets that vertical rockets will not suit them, and hence - 
since he is doing rockets - power sats better not be the future? Sounds 
a bit too stupid.

I really hope they can get the Skylon up. UK space funding is small, but 
that has the advantage of not making it more profitable to suck the teat 
than to try to make something profitable and useful.

Anders Sandberg,
Future of Humanity Institute
Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University

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