[ExI] unanimous decision, was: RE: An old skeleton tumbles out of the list closet

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Nov 14 21:02:47 UTC 2012

>... On Behalf Of BillK
>>... This is what I really want to know: in those 59 divisions, how many
votes did Gary Johnson get?

>...The article you quote gives a reasonable sounding explanation for the
results. These districts are almost 100% African-American who all voted for
Obama. The electoral list (out-of-date and wrong) shows only a handful of
people recorded as Republican.

>...Google gives the total results for Philadelphia county.
Obama    85.2%   557024
Romney   14.1%    91840
Johnson     0.4%     2721

>...It doesn't seem too surprising that 59 out of 1,687 divisions had no
votes for Romney.
Probably a lot more than 59 had no votes for Johnson...BillK

BillK, this almost gets there, but here's where I am going with it: those
divisions in which there were no Romney votes could reasonably be expected
to have had perhaps a tenth of a percent Johnson votes.  All the other
minority parties combined should have picked up a few tenths of a percent.
You have a few stray votes which are just errors, you have a few
iconoclasts, you have a few African-Americans who despise Obama because they
think he isn't nearly far enough left and didn't do nearly enough for the
African-American community and know he is likely the last black president
they will see in their lifetimes.  This guy is one example:


If we look at those 59 divisions and find that those 19,605 votes contained
zero Romney, zero Johnson, zero Jill Stein, zero Virgil Goode,  zero Rocky
Anderson, zero Rosanne Barr, zero Pat Paulsen, zero write-ins, then I will
be convinced to my satisfaction that this election was bogus.  But if all
the non-Obama votes combined add up to even a tenth of a percent, or about
20 votes, then I will think otherwise.  Anyone who has ever served on a jury
knows how difficult it is to get even twelve people to agree even when the
evidence is overwhelming will know that any unanimous opinion of those
19,605 is as phony as a three dollar bill.


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