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>...It would be even more interesting if we discover that in those 59
divisions, there is exactly one non-Obama vote, one.  We know how to explain
about 20, we know how to explain exactly zero.  But how would we explain it
if there is exactly one non-Obama vote of 19,605?  The next questions are
obvious: is that dataset available?  Where?  spike


Scratch that, there would need to be about eight non-Obama votes, at least
one for each non-Obama candidate.  Then if the results are published, all
the votes for any non-Obama candidate would assume that one vote was
himself.  I can imagine the problems if a couple who were for instance,
personal friends of Roseanne Barr, would see Barr only received one vote.
Each would doubt the other.  So, we know there were zero Romney votes in
that 19,605.  Was there exactly one vote for each of the other candidates?


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