[ExI] Conscientious objections

Max More max at maxmore.com
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On this topic, does anyone know of an online link to the text of Richard
Taylor's Freedom, Anarchy, and the Law? I first read that when I took a
Political Philosophy course by John Hospers when I was a graduate student
at USC in the late 1980s. He read one chapter, which brilliantly uses an
analogy to show the absurdity of the argument for consent to government
through voting. My copy is boxed somewhere, but I recall that part of the
chapter analogized the vote to a letter written to The Man once every four
years, the content of which was either "Yes" or "No". Writing the letter
bound the citizen to all manner of absurdities.

The book is long out of print. It really should be made available online. I
remember it stirred up the minds of the students in Hospers' class quite


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