[ExI] Bitcoin

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Apr 3 23:24:29 UTC 2013

Il 04/04/2013 00:26, Gordon ha scritto:
>> I bought Bitcoin and know a bit about mining and trading them.
>> What do you want to know?
> Hi Mirco. This is day two of my investigation into this subject, so I'm
> more a less a complete newbie. I'm looking at mining Bitcoin (BTC) or
> Litecoin (LTC), but I'm not sure if it would be worthwhile on my
> computer. I have a Dell XPS 17 laptop with a P7 2.2 Ghz (capable of
> something like 3 Ghz in burst mode) and 6 gigs of RAM. It is basically a
> desktop replacement, but it has only an onboard NVIDIA chip and not a
> separate card. I think this means I cannot do GPU mining, but I don't
> know that for a fact. Do you? From what I gather, GPU mining is much
> more efficient than CPU mining.

Much more, but it is curretly displaced by ASICs.

You could use this page to see what is more profitable to mine (if it is
profitable) with your PC:


> Solo or pooled, I don't yet know if this is a worthwhile endeavor, as it
> is maxing out my resources (CPU utilization 100%, running in burst mode
> at 2.4 Ghz). I worry that I might fry my computer in pursuit only a few
> dollars. Perhaps mining is only worthwhile on desktops with high end
> graphics cards and good cooling.

This is the most probable answer.

> I've read about the new ASIC dedicated mining machines that are just
> beginning to hit the market. From what I understand, they will change
> everything. I've heard they will cause the Difficulty level to rise
> dramatically, making even GPU mining almost pointless. I don't know if
> that is true.

This is totally true.
They have a greater hashrate than GPU as they are done only for this
purpose. And they consume a lot less power per GHash/s

> I would be grateful for any insights. Thanks. 


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