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Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Mon Apr 8 20:19:16 UTC 2013

Il 08/04/2013 10:17, Gordon ha scritto:
> When I started this thread about five days ago, on April 3, BTC was
> trading around $100 USD. The last trade as of this moment was $180 USD.
> An 80% return in five days! I think it is fair to say that something
> extraordinary is going on here.

It is 400% in 30 days.
Not bad, indeed.

It is like investing in trees.
The initial investment is very small, if you have a piece of land
available. Something like 10-20$. But, if all go right, in 20-25 years
you have 2.000$ (at current value) of wood.

Just this is an electronic tree and it grow at the information speed.

> Assuming one would want to climb on board this frenzied rally (or
> bubble, as it may be) what is the best way for a US citizen to fund an
> account at mtgox.com? And is mtgox the best place to trade?

BitInstant or Bistamp ?

Anyway, never risk what you can not lose.
And try to understand what you are doing and why.

There is an interesting video interview of Peter Surda by Jeffrey Tucker.


Some Falkvinge articles about Bitcoin are lightening

Bitcoin is overvalued if it fail to become a substitute for fiat currencies.
Bitcoin is undervalued if it succeed to become a substitute for fiat


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