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On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 7:42 AM, spike <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

Some of you hardware gurus help me out here.  Assuming Google glass or
equivalent, along with Skype, let us use the example of the motorcycle
repair.  Is current hardware up to the task of letting me point to things
with a cursor on the other person's vision?  If I had the other prole
looking at her bike so I can see what she is seeing, I want to use my cursor
to point at something in her field of view ..


This was, in fact, being demonstrated on a fully automated basis back in

1997, with Boeing's Maintenance Aid Computer.  .

Doh!  I can never think of an original idea.  Except the following:

Both the mechanic (me) and the prole (owner of similar bike, elsewhere) get
two computers, both with Skype.  We call each other.  She sets her camera
pointed on her bike, which transmits to me and I receive that image on my
first computer.  I set my second computer's camera on the screen of my first
computer, which transmits back to her, which she receives on her second
computer.  So now I don't need a cursor control; I just point to things on
my first screen with my finger.  So now we don't need Google glass or any
exotic software or anything; both Skype connections are free and I can point
to what thing needs to be done next, using only four ordinary computers and
two Skype connections.


If we get tricky, it might be possible for the mechanic to use only one
computer and a mirror somehow.  I don't know what happens if you call a
computer on Skype with a mirror in front of it.  Do you see yourself?  And
what if two Skype computers call each other with mirrors in front of each?
Do they go crazy sending each other images of each other?  But I digress.


Is that four-computer two-Skype notion a new idea?  If so, I donate it into
the public domain and invite any proles present with two computers who want
to test the notion, since I have two computers (actually five, but two that
can be dedicated to this kind of constructive silliness.)  We can do
something that doesn't require a motorcycle too.



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