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>.As Spike says, if it is qualitatively different, but still delivers me a
Big Mac when I order it, I'm good with that for many purposes.




It would have been a lot of fun to be at the astronomy conference where
someone first presented the notion of the universe being formed from a big
bang.  I can imagine someone coining the term and it sticking immediately.
Kelly has named an important bifurcation of AGI, the one in which it is not
aware, has nothing analogous to human emotion, but can still design and
build the next generation computer hardware.  It does so, iteratively, not
because it wants to (it doesn't get 'want') but rather just because it does
so.  It is analogous to chess software which plays not because it wants to
but just because it does so.  It gives you a Big Mac if you command it to do
so.  This is the Big Mac AGI.




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