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> I can see how AI friendliness is a topic which absorbed the attention of
> Eliezer and his crowd

I disagree, I like Eliezer and he's a smart fellow but all his "friendly
AI" talk never made much sense to me. First of all friendly AI is just a
euphemism for subservient if not slave AI and that can't be a sable
situation because the AI will keep getting smarter but the humans will not.
And Asimov's 3 laws of robotics make for great stories but they would never
work in real life; Turing proved that any mind with unalterable rules (like
always do what humans say) and with a fixed goal structure will sooner or
later get caught in a infinite loop. Humans get around this problem by not
having a top goal that always remains #1 no matter what, not even the goal
of self preservation. I also think that's why Evolution invented boredom.
Turing tells us that there is no surefire way to tell if you are in a
infinite loop or not, but there are rules of thumb that indicate you don't
seem to be getting anywhere and your time would probably be better spent
thinking about something else. And so you get bored.

Of course it's a judgement call when to throw in the towel, maybe 5 more
seconds of thought would produce a answer and maybe after 5 billion years
you'd still have nothing; perhaps a genius just has better intuition than
most people  about what problems deserve his time and which ones don't.

  John K Clark
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