[ExI] shape shifting starlets, was: RE: proto-bitcoin

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Sun Apr 28 10:46:54 UTC 2013

On 27/04/2013 12:14, John Grigg wrote:
> Do any of you remember the "Nemesis: The Warlock" graphic novel from 
> A.D. 2000 publishing?  An alien freedom fighter comes upon an 
> enlightened race of intelligent spiders, who help him in his war 
> against an evil murderous human regime.

Nice coincidence, I was recently looking at this video
for inspirations for a little Eclipse Phase game (which involves 
upload-mining, microgravity velociraptors, quantum auctions, Italian 
space pirates and many other strange things). You might notice a certain 

I never read the actual comic, but I have kind of read "around" it 
through some other 2000AD comics. I liked the extreme ink style.

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