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>.We once collected bits of metal; now we collect bits of DNA. spike


For a still newer and perhaps even MORE useful hobby, hacking toilets:




Oh my, just imagine some of the gags one could pull off if you could
remotely control someone's toilet.  The possibilities are endless.  Clearly
I have far too few actual worries and responsibilities.


Regarding collecting bits of DNA, I had a thought based on DNA-based
medicine.  Many years ago when I worked in southern California, I had a
friend who lived adjacent to an Indian reservation along the Kern River.  He
was friends with the tribe's medicine man, who wasn't exactly a doctor, but
had a degree in pharmacy.  We went over to visit.  When I saw what the
medicine man was doing and how he was running his business, occurred to me
that what he was doing there was DNA-based medicine.  
There were a few white people living on the reservation, but he generally
couldn't do much for them, other than give them the standard
over-the-counter products.  The tribe members however were highly similar
genetically.  He knew with a high degree of certainty what would happen to
the patients as they aged, what conditions would come along (hypertension
and diabetes were tearing through that tribe like a hot chainsaw thru
butter) and how best to deal with it, what success rate he was likely to see
(not so high.)
I go for my annual doctor visit next week.  I will print out my 23andMe
results, along with the health recommendations found therein, see if my
doctor can get with her friends and work out some kind of system to perhaps
trade patients around such that one doctor gets this group, another doctor
gets that group, specialize in a genetic group, like the medicine man up on
the Tule River reservation.  
That could be the start of genetic based medicine, ja?
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