[ExI] speed of light at the speed of light

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Adrian Tymes <atymes at gmail.com> wrote:


>>.What you're missing is time dilation.  That is, you appear to react
slower to the universe/the universe speeds up from your point of view.  In
both perspectives, the light >from your flashlight proceeds ahead at c, but
your clock (by which you measure meters per second) slows down. 


>.That is not my understanding of time dilation, or perhaps I misunderstand
what you're saying. My clock on board the ship appears to me to work
normally. It is only relative to some other clock perhaps back on earth it
seems to slow down.Gordon


No.  The clocks on earth and aboard the ship both appear normal from the
point of view of the person right there with them.  The clocks aboard the
ship appears to be slow from the point of view of earth, but the clock on
earth appears to be going slow from the point of view of the spaceship.
>From each point of view, both observers see the other guy's clock as moving


Relativity is weird.






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