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On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 10:47 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> I am open to suggestion from anyone here on teaching my mathematically
> talented 7 yr old.  He is performing actual algebra and geometry in the
> second grade, no fooling.  His entire top row on his Khan Academy board is
> dark blue, 134 skills mastered and nearly a hundred more level 1s and 2s.
> I have him doing Blender and Excel macros.
> ** **
> Question please, what does a father teach a son today, assuming access to
> the collective  wisdom of years represented by this group?****
> Anders, Kelly, Eugen, Keith, anyone else especially fathers, what do we do
> now, coach?

I'm sure he knows statistics by now, but just in case he doesn't, you
should definitely have him go through that. Not the nasty Calculus kind,
but the kinder gentler kind.

When Kasey asked what to study in college a couple of years ago, I
suggested some sort of Biotechnology or nanotechnology. She is now pursuing
a career in bioengineering.

With a seven year old though, the answer is harder than for a 20 year old.
There is another decade of progress that will go by before he really has to
decide. For example, autonomous vehicles will likely be a solved problem by
the time he gets to college, so while that might be a good choice today, it
probably wouldn't be in ten years.

However, I don't think you could possibly go wrong in the meantime learning
Chemistry (both Organic and Inorganic), Materials science, Physics, and
just about anything really creative.

Art, it's going to be big when the machines take over.

I also think introducing him to the concepts of open source (not just for
programming), crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, outsourcing (aka
Speaking/Reading/Writing English really really well) and interpersonal
communications are all really critical.

A good foundation of psychology so that he doesn't marry a crazy person
(speaking from LOTS of personal experience here) is also critical to a
happy and successful life.

I could probably talk about this all day, but I must make dinner now. Oh,
cooking. That would be good.

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