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>>.If the government shutdown proceeds tomorrow, we need volunteers to spy



>.Requisition cancelled!  The shutdown is going ahead in three minutes.  But

the NSA is immune.  We no longer need to watch ourselves.  Our government

will do it for us:  Government shutdown won't shut down NSA spying




It has long been noted that short snappy slogans win campaigns.  Examples
are Tippecanoe and Tyler Too, which won for William Harrison in 1840 and I
Like Ike, which won for Eisenhower and Nixon in 1952.  Note in both the
previous examples, neither slogan gave any actual logical reason to vote for
the candidates, depending on how you look at it.  The Tippecanoe thing had a
cool alliteration and the works Ike and like rhyme.


In light of the government shutdown that took place starting today, it
occurred to me that a nice snappy bumper-sticker slogan could be just the
thing for the next US election cycle, one which expresses the meme that this
democracy works just fine without a fully funded NSA to spy on us, one which
relies on citizen volunteers to take up the slack.  Suggested campaign
slogan:  Watch yourself, dude. 



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