[ExI] does a us default take down the internet? was: RE: New way to enumerate prime number

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Tue Oct 8 13:32:50 UTC 2013

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Subject: Re: [ExI] does a us default take down the internet? was: RE: New
way to enumerate prime number

On Tue, Oct 08, 2013 at 05:47:49AM -0700, spike wrote:

>>... So all this talk of the US defaulting on its debts raises a question I

> don't see being answered anywhere.  If the US government shuts down 
> for real, does that take down the internet?

>...Only an internet. The Internet is a global network of Autonomous Systems
running open protocols, and as such does not have single point of failure
(the current centralized structures are fundamentally circumventable).

>...You can run a piece of the Internet. At the moment you'll be still
beholden to the cascade of authorities, but with approaches like cjdns
everybody can be a netop in future.

Excellent thanks.  Sounds like the early internet designers thought of this
and made arrangements ahead of time.  

For those following the US government threatened shutdown, I don't
understand why no one proposes the most obvious solutions.  Clearly we have
far too many government workers and they are paid too much, with too little
to do, so they occupy their time reading our email.  So start with an across
the board 10% pay cut for all federal employees, then some of them get
pissed off and leave, so you have fewer of them, so the expenses go down
twice.  In return, the budget hawks let them borrow another trillion
dollars.  They use up that in less than a year.  Repeat the process as soon
as the newly borrowed money, as often as necessary until income matches

Why is that so difficult?


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