[ExI] Human Brain Project kicks off today

Ben Zaiboc bbenzai at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 8 18:41:31 UTC 2013

Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> quoted:

> What if you could build a computer that works just like the human brain?
> There's just one catch: computers that fast simply haven't been invented yet.

Hilariously ironic, as the biological version can't transmit signals faster than the speed of sound!

It's almost as if someone is taking the beer-cans-and-string argument too far.  Sure, a brain could be built out of beer cans and string.  In principle.  Unfortunately, we don't yet have enough string...

I suspect Maslow's Hammer is at work here.   Minds and classical digital computers may be a poor match.

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