[ExI] id theft in o-care

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Wed Oct 9 18:46:01 UTC 2013


It took me nine days, but this morning for the first time I was able to get
thru to where I could shop around in the new healthcare exchanges.  Up to
now, they have been posting absurdities such as "The System is down for the
moment."  The moment is eight solid days as of last night.  But in any case,
I got in this morning, and they immediately began wanting all kinds of
personal information, social security number, phone number, home address,
income, all this stuff that looks to me like a recipe for disaster if I
provide it.  All several thousand government employees who could have access
to this could do identity theft on me, or sell the info to others who would
do it.


Note that I am not buying anything, but rather I want to put in a
theoretical state I might move to in the future, so I want to shop prices.
They ask for my home address, and they direct me to the California
exchanges.  What about those who are shopping for a future home?  If I want
to learn about a theoretical future state, do I need to put in a theoretical
future address?  


I don't want that outfit knowing who I am or what I estimate my future
income will be.  Can I give them a theoretical name, a really obvious
made-up pseudonym such as Fester N. Carbuncle?  They ask for my legal name,
first, middle and last, as would be shown on a legal document.  So if I just
want to shop around and not buy anything yet but just for planning purposes
I go in with SNN 111 11 1111 under the name Barf McBuns to avoid identity
theft, is that identity theft?


I don't want to mess with the IRS.  They are in charge of enforcing O-Care,
the outfit that recently demonstrated they can commit felonies without



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