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> >...We all are playing one game: russian roulette...
> We should come up with a new name for that game.  Commie crap shoot?  While
> we are at it, we need a name for the practice of opting out of health
> insurance, paying the tax penalty and hoping for the best, which still
> externalizes risk onto the other tax payers.  Suggestions welcome, extra
> credit for alliteration, such as Capitalist Coinflip or American
> Insecurity.

Millennial Maximizers?

> Oh now that's just cold.  Adrian is a young healthy guy, a perfect example
> of the kind of person who will weigh the cost of health insurance vs the
> price of the tax penalty for not having it, then opt out.

I haven't decided whether to opt out and pay the penalty yet, and I'm 49.

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