[ExI] id theft in o-care

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 08:02:52 UTC 2013

On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 7:46 PM, spike  wrote:
> Note that I am not buying anything, but rather I want to put in a
> theoretical state I might move to in the future, so I want to shop prices.
> They ask for my home address, and they direct me to the California
> exchanges.  What about those who are shopping for a future home?  If I want
> to learn about a theoretical future state, do I need to put in a theoretical
> future address?
> I don’t want that outfit knowing who I am or what I estimate my future
> income will be.  Can I give them a theoretical name, a really obvious
> made-up pseudonym such as Fester N. Carbuncle?  They ask for my legal name,
> first, middle and last, as would be shown on a legal document.  So if I just
> want to shop around and not buy anything yet but just for planning purposes
> I go in with SNN 111 11 1111 under the name Barf McBuns to avoid identity
> theft, is that identity theft?

Well, it is a government system, so they already know most of the data
they are asking you for.
They claim to have reasons for requiring the data.
It is a health insurance quote, so they need to access your medical records.
They need to know your immigration status. i.e. Are you an official US citizen?
It is benefit assisted, so they need to check your IRS records. And so on.....

However, I think the most important thing not mentioned is that when
you give them all this information, make sure that you don't use your
home pc. You certainly don't want to link your normal IP address to
all this data. The NSA can then link everything on the internet sent
from that IP address to your real life details.


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