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On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 05:59:22AM -0700, spike wrote:


>>... There are a number of different people who use this computer and this
IP address...


>...Shared account, I hope.

>...Currently, your best tool for being anonymous is booting up Tails from a
write-protected USB stick.




Ja, I have never gotten serious about online security because I haven't done
anything illegal.  


That being said, I now learn that I cannot window-shop in the new ObamaCare
system.  In order to see what deals are available, you need to identify
yourself with social security numbers, birth date, address, answers to three
security questions, current medical insurance, everything, so that if you
don't currently have insurance or have insurance they deem inadequate, you
have provided everything the feds need to fine you.  So this system as it is
currently does not allow you to window shop anonymously.  It is an insurance
shopping mall with all the windows blacked out.  If you enter that mall, you
must buy something before you can leave, even if you don't want any of the
products there.


They have set up a system which would make the casual shopper vulnerable to
ID theft.  Of course people will get that far and just stop.  How can you
know that this site isn't counterfeit?  It looks just like a phishing scam
to me.  Consider how we often spot phishing scams: look for little
grammatical errors, misspellings, things that Nigerians would likely do.
This is a screen shot I reached yesterday from what claims to be the
official government site:


cid:image002.jpg at 01CEC535.145F94F0


So why do they repeat the message in the red box?  Why do they insert an
apostrophe in couldn't the second time but omit it the first time?  Why is
the second Important in bold but the first one is not?  Is the second
Important more important than the first Important?  Why?  This site looks
phishy to me, just a little too Nigerian to dump personal information here.


I don't know that any of this matters however.  It is perfectly clear to me
this system is heavily dependent on young healthy people, and they are not
coming, even according to the most liberal optimistic sites I can find.  The
young and healty are opting for the tax penalty, which isn't much in the
first year.  

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