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On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 11:53 PM, John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com> wrote:

>>... Life will not go on if they refuse to raise the debt ceiling, at least
not as it has before.

### Default and the debt ceiling are two separate issues. The government can
easily pay its debts and of course, it should.
Increasing the debt ceiling, for the 79th time, is a whole different thing.
There is absolutely no need to do it: They could just stop spending too
much, for example by instituting immediate across the board cuts in all
appropriations, including the DoD, various "entitlements" and every single
government agency. Unfortunately and of course, they won't use this


Ja, agree.  The fed can pay its debts with what it takes in now, but it will
take deep cuts in what it spends.  Is it not clear to everyone on the planet
that our military is of such a size that it is not sustainable?  We try to
maintain the ability to simultaneously fight two wars, sheesh.  Let's work
harder at keeping it to one or fewer at a time.  The cold war is over, we
won, humanity won, let's get over that and find deep cuts.  Let's balance
that with domestic cuts; we can do it, and we must.  There will be pain, but
(Rafal, here's a medical allusion for you) I see it as cutting out a cancer
without anesthesia.  Sure it will hurt like all hell, but it beats the


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