[ExI] Smallest human-equivalent device

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Sun Oct 13 21:04:56 UTC 2013

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On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 8:15 PM, spike wrote:
> >...  I can imagine a next-generation idea: driving robots 
> capable of taking a current Detroit and driving it unmodified, as is...
the humanoid driving robot wouldn't know or care.

>...A fully mobile delivery robot is surely unnecessary?  Nice, but not
required for deliveries.
>...But fully mobile robots will be very useful for other situations. They
will just be very expensive to develop...BillK

Ja.  The core idea is that if we can develop sufficiently human-like robots,
they can use our tools, run our machines, drive our cars, wear our clothes,
generally use the existing infrastructure rather than requiring a huge
expensive retrofit with competing standards.  That expensive development
might be our least expensive path forward.  This approach appeals to me from
a controls engineering perspective: it's a hard enough problem to be


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