[ExI] idea for empty warehouses

crw at crw.io crw at crw.io
Mon Oct 14 05:15:30 UTC 2013

On 10/13, spike wrote:
> Perhaps some of you virtual reality hipsters have some ideas.
> Here's the idea: we use google glass to create something like a meat-world
> quasi-real version of the virtual reality game Second Life.  We could use VR
> hoods or goggles to dress up a big empty room as whatever the participant
> likes best, as they walk around in a climate-controlled environment.  It can
> be a field of flowers for instance, or a Mario Brothers world with chompy
> plants and Yoshis running about, or perhaps a big virtual Disneyland for the
> younger set.  The players could perceive a garden of Eden as they walk
> around observing delights such as the tree of life, serpents offering fruit,
> nekkid Eves and so forth. Oh that would be so trippy.

Sounds like fun, but could turn into this:

> Big multi-floor office buildings could be arranged so that floors have
> common themes and interacting players.  If other office buildings are like
> the ones I know, the periphery of each floor are private offices with a
> door, what we used to call four-walls and a lid which you could aspire to
> inhabit, these always reserved for the big shots and higher ranking players.
> These could be converted into rooms for copulation for those players who
> successfully negotiate that particular interaction.

Wonder how much insurance would cost to run an operation like this?

> Oh my, there is money to be made here, waaaay big money.

And how are laser tag arenas and roller rinks faring?

The joy of virtual reality is that you can connect and play from
anywhere. Why not tear down and scrap the warehouses, bust up the
concrete and start rehabilitating the soil underneath?


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