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>>...to be honest, I feel like even ranting about it publicly is approaching
mindcrime.  As the surveillance net noose tightens, it may be declared
retroactive mindcrime.  In the meantime, you have the right to continue to
incriminate yourself.  Mike


>.Those of us who have incriminated ourselves in this manner will be those
who will be most spirited in the defense of freedom.



My apologies for overposting today.

This is an interesting question.  I have never done anything more illegal
than ripping the tag off a mattress I bought after I got it home.  But I
have criticized O-care with reckless abandon, both here and with personal
online contact lists.  Soon we shall see if we still have a first amendment
in this country, or if criticism has become a crime:


Recall that this same government which is collecting all this stuff is the
one which requires strong passwords and plenty of personal information just
to shop on HealthCare.gov.  In light of the ".no reasonable expectation of
privacy." comment, can anyone explain why they would have done that?




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