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 > John what do you make of this?
> http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/tea-party-science-98488.html?hp=r3

Not much, there are no details. I have some details, what do you make of

TEA PARTY member and presidential candidate Senator Rick Santorum proposed
a amendment that would require the teaching of creationism in schools.

TEA PARTY member and potential presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio

"Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I’m not sure
we’ll ever be able to answer that. It’s one of the great mysteries.” (he
doesn’t even know the Bible, it says 6 days not 7)

TEA PARTY member Governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry bragged:

“[Evolution is just] a theory that's out there. I am a firm believer in
intelligent design as a matter of faith and intellect. In Texas we teach
both Creationism and evolution.”

TEA PARTY member and potential presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul
thinks prayer should be in public schools and refuses to dismiss the idea
that the Earth is only 9000 years old.

TEA PARTY member and presidential candidate congressman Michele Bachman

"There are hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel
Prizes, who believe in intelligent design.”

TEA PARTY congressman (and member of the House SCIENCE committee!!) Paul
Brown said:

"All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big
Bang Theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell. And it's lies
to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding
that they need a savior. You see, there are a lot of scientific data that
I've found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a
young Earth. I don't believe that the Earth's but about 9,000 years old. I
believe it was created in six days as we know them. That's what the Bible

TEA PARTY Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell said:

"American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and
coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. You know what,
evolution is a myth. Why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?”

Can you think of one prominent Tea Party member who has said something
positive about the single most important biological idea known? I can’t.

> the claim can be made that there is no evidence that the Tea Party is an
> extreme wing of either end of the political spectrum.

No evidence of extremism??!! 18 republican senators (including all the
potential GOP 2016 presidential candidates) and the vast majority of
republican house members voted AGAINST averting a economic catastrophe of
unprecedented proportions  just 90 minutes before is was set to hit. If
they had gotten their way on Thursday the stock market would have dropped
many thousands of points and today entire world would be in a state of
panic not seen since 1929. No evidence of extremism??!!

> > I still haven’t been able to figure out why it is lunacy to point out
> that the US is not only pretending to pay off debts with borrowed money

The difference between the government’s debts and yours is that the
government has the power to print money and you don’t, so yes, they are
paying off their debts by cranking up the printing presses; but that is
only lunacy in a time of high inflation, at other times it can be a very
good idea. The Great Depression started in 1929 and reached its nadir in
early 1933, after that things slowly but steadily improved until 1938 when
conservative politicians decided that even though there was no sign of
inflation (just like now) it was time to stop the printing presses and
embrace austerity.  And then the economy promptly crashed again almost back
to 1933 levels and didn’t recover again until 1942.

> If it is crazy stupid lunacy now, how much crazier and loonier was it 7
> to 10 years ago when the left wing rising stars were forcefully delivering
> the same message, when the deficit was a quarter what it is now and the
> debt was less than a third as much as it is now?  Those guys must have been
> some really powerful brand of stupid.

Since then we’ve had a really stupid guy predict that the 2 wars he started
would pay for themselves and when they didn’t that same stupid guy put the
cost of the wars on a credit card, and since then we’ve also had the worst
economic downturn in over 80 years, so of course the debt went up.

> Earlier I had an alternative suggestion to repeatedly raising the
> government borrowing limit: we sell the gold in Fort Knox.  Every American
> to whom I suggested this thought it a terrible idea.

If they’re not tea party members I’m not surprised.

  > So the obvious question is, if we are issuing IOUs and the world is
> pretending these are money,

We do and they are.

> is not that identical to selling the actual gold?


 > Are we admitting these IOUs are not as good as gold, but rather are as
> good as paper?

Yes, but that is hardly new, the government admitted that on March 4, 1933.
And yet for the last 80 years the dollar has continued to retain value,
even though it was no longer exchangeable for gold, for one reason and one
reason only, most people, even people who hated the USA with a passion, had
faith the government would keep its monetary promises. And on October 23
2013 thanks to the Tea Party we came within 90 minutes of that faith being
destroyed forever.

> John your objection as I recall is that it would cause chaos by tanking
> the value of gold.  I don’t see why that is such a problem.

You want to reinvent everything from square one on up and make the most
radical change in the way the  world economy operates in human history, and
you think you can get it all done in 90 minutes without blood flowing in
the streets.  And that’s not evidence of extremism ??!!

For your long term survival you’re going to have to live through not one
but two singularities, one caused by Nanotechnology and AI, and the other
cause by the room temperature IQ of congressional Tea Party members.

  John K Clark
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