[ExI] Warren Buffett is worried too and thinks Republicans are "asinine"

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>.As I said money is a very abstract thing, the only thing holding it
together is faith and trust,  and it is this faith and trust that you are
determined to destroy. .  John K Clark

John, just knowing that I have the awesome power to singlehandedly destroy
the world's economies with merely a skeptical attitude gives me a nearly
irresistible urge to make comments such as Bwaaaaahahahahahaaaa.   

1zeAfXBYj04SE1npjOD25jMyAT-x6QIt is such a wild head rush, I suddenly
understand and sympathize with Simon Bar Sinister.




This world must not depend on money which has value based only on trust and
faith.  We need money that represents actual wealth, based on evidence and
frequent verification by exchange.  Otherwise it enables whichever nation
which mints the faith-cash to borrow real wealth at any arbitrary rate based
on nothing.  This is a form of unchecked power, which always results in
unchecked corruption and eventual chaos.

Your counter-evidence is in pointing out the attitude of some Tea Party
candidates on a perfectly irrelevant and unrelated topic, creationism.  The
Tea Party holds no position on that subject.  You have produced no evidence
to convince me that we can continue to borrow three billion dollars a day
and sustain that indefinitely.  That idea is to economics as creationism is
to biology.  I am still not buying that notion.  

My shocking theory: all governments and all nations must live within their
means.  All governments must balance their books, including that fortunate
nation which mints the world's favorite currency.  Otherwise it does not
stay the world's favorite currency.






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