[ExI] This is one amazing robot!

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Mon Oct 21 19:03:34 UTC 2013

Spike wrote:
>Is this a fun time to be alive or what?

Yes!!!  But I just wish that our lifespans were naturally twice as long as
they currently are, so we would have much more of a fighting chance to
benefit from the radical life extension technologies, which may end up
coming down the pike too late to help us.  I want to witness many more cool
things!  I have a bad feeling that just as technology and society are
getting really super-awesome, I will be dying of old age...  : (


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> >…They've got horse-grade locomotion figured out in outdoor lab
> environments, yeah.  Now if they can work on the power source and
> productize it...****
> The power source sounds to me like two independent two-stroke IC motors.
> My guess is that they chose that for space and weight minimization.  Good
> chance they could go to four-stroke ICs and get it a little quieter and
> less smoky.  ****
> The path forward is clear enough to see: mechanical horse racing:
> traditional Kentucky Derby style (wouldn’t that be cool to see?) racing
> over rough terrain that wheeled vehicles cannot handle, racing on ice,
> racing over mixed cross country/street conditions, oh this will be fun to
> watch.  Look at how much money we dump into NASCAR and Indy racers.  Even
> for big fans such as me, it does get a little boring.  But I would pay good
> money to watch mechanical horses gallop around, get them to jump over stuff
> like the steeple chase they used to have in the Olympics, that sort of
> thing, maybe polo on mechanical horses, or mechanical guys playing polo on
> real horses, or mechanical guys riding mechanical horses doing old-time
> Monte-Python-esque jousting.****
> Is this a fun time to be alive or what?****
> spike****
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