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On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 6:03 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> Our camping spot wasn’t a National park.  It was on federal land, so the
> closed it during the “shutdown.”  They never refunded our money.  They
> tried everything they could to be as annoying as possible, such as by
> barricading open-air monuments, placing traffic cones along the freeway to
> make it difficult to photograph Mt. Rushmore from the road outside the
> park, among other crimes against Americans.  Shame.

This kind of behavior, of spending extra money during a shutdown JUST to
make it maximally painful is really unforgivable. I just hope it wasn't
really as widespread as reported.

> The strategy is divide and conquer.  Note that both parties have developed
> a hatred for the Tea Party.

Yeah, since both major parties are in favor of government growth, just at
slightly different rates. Very Very Fast vs. Very Very Very Fast. It's a
joke that we don't have the choice "Slowly please." Or better yet, "let's
shrink the damn thing a bit"

> I couldn’t help but notice a comment by Health and Human Services’
> Kathleen Sebelius, “The majority of people calling for me to resign I would
> say are people who I don’t work for, and who do not want this program to
> work in the first place.”
> ** **
> Think about that for a minute.  Do you suppose there are Europeans, or
> Asians, or Africans, or Australians calling for Sebelius to resign?
> Antarcticans perhaps?  She was talking about Americans.  We have current
> government officials who think they do not work for the American people.
> Or that if they are Tea Partiers, they are not Americans?  See where I am
> going with this, Adrian?

Spike, I heard this same argument on Hannity, and you're better than him.
Kathleen Sebelius is a despicable human being and bureaucrat who has done
horrible things in the name of supporting Obamacare, but this is honestly a
poorly formed argument. What she's saying is that she serves the president.
He is her boss, and he tells her what to do. I can't believe that she truly
meant what the right wing spins this to mean. She was probably referring to
people like Mike Lee, who she indeed doesn't work for in the sense that he
doesn't tell her what to do on a day to day basis. She works at the
pleasure of Barack Hussein Obama, who is the only person legally enabled to
fire her ass.

These kinds of attacks, twisting words towards unintended meanings are
below you. Let's get back to the substance of what's wrong with Obamacare
and its implementation. There's plenty of structural and implementation
stuff to attack without resorting to this kind of word play. This only
weakens our argument because it is so transparently ingenuous.

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