[ExI] Warren Buffett is worried too and thinks Republicans are "asinine"

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>.Most war is bad. I am however totally in favor of the Jihad against Barney
the Purple Dinosaur. http://www.jihad.net/ (was
alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die back in the good old days of usenet).


Did you notice one of the early posters on barney was our very own Eliezer
Yudkowsky.  He started posting on ExI when he was about 15, so it was
interesting to read such a young guy with such big ideas.


>.I want numbers. And Obamacare is just getting started, it will get WAY
more expensive.


Kelly, there are some comments in this article that blow my mind:




They mention a number I think must be in error, 500 million lines of code.
Indeed?  No one has yet offered us a reasonable explanation for what the
hell all those lines of code think they are doing in there.  Why did they
need all that?  Software gurus please, does that tell you what they could
have had in mind?  With half a billion lines of code, there is just no
possible way they could secure the data.  With that much code they can't
even really debug it all, no way!  Surely there must be a mistake, or I am
failing to understand something fundamental.  With all that code, I am
naturally suspicious as all get out, never mind the recent revelations.


Suppose they do start over.  Why not go with that big spreadsheet idea?  The
user would just download the whole thing, compare costs at their leisure, or
if Kelly is right and they can't do that, just have someone with actual
brains help them, figure out what they want, find the company  which offers
the closest to that, then see if the price is within reality, or opt out,
not all that different from buying a car.  Really simple for most people who
don't get employer health insurance: I am betting most will opt out, at
least at first when it doesn't cost much, and really doesn't cost anything,
since the ACA doesn't specifically empower the IRS to collect, and after the
way they treated the Republicans in the house this month, goooood luck
getting them to pass a law to empower collection.  The Republicans are
likely to tell them to go to hell and take their ACA law with them.


All they need is a big downloadable spreadsheet, with every company's deal
in there, simple.


>.Omar, America will soon enough have a system similar to Canada's.
Obamacare is an enormous cluster fuck designed to implode so that we have to
go to a single payer system. Just wait for the boom. -Kelly


Here's the real kicker: I and plenty of others would likely go for a single
payer system under one condition: that it be done on a state level.  We
don't have enough control over the Fed to do this, so no way I could go
along with it.  We see corruption spilling out more every day, IRS chief
taking the fifth, another IRS chief sharing taxpayer data with the
government, now we hear the NSA is spying on Angela Merkel.  Clearly this
bunch is corrupt to the bone.  


Actually states are free to set up a single payer system now, and have
always been free to do that.  That none of them are doing it should be some
kind of hint that it might not work as well as it sounds.




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