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>.permanent visitation rights extended to you and of course Ms. Byron.


>.Yes, Mythbusters is great - because it shows people creating and testing
things. We need more of that. This is why I can't stand most documentaries:
they usually show people having opinions or describing scenarios, rather
than checking against reality. And of course, everything is more fun with a
bit of explosions. 

>.In a sense Mythbusters is doing memetic eugenics, spreading good memes
widely in the memepool. 

Dr Anders Sandberg
Thanks for that Anders.  I sent them a number of ideas, but the one which
intrigues me the most is an idea I had about filling a tire with a type of
metal alloy which melts at a temperature slightly lower than that of boiling
water.  I may have posted something about that a couple months ago, don't
recall.  A eutectic alloy of tin, lead and bismuth makes a high density, low
melting point metal (about 97C) which you could use to fill a motorcycle
tire.  It would look perfectly normal but would weight over 200 kg for the
front and nearly 300 for the back.  
If you had one on the front and everything else normal, the CG of the
bike/rider combination would be moved down and forward, which would allow a
prole to ride up ramps of impossible-looking angles, assuming of course one
had some kind of traction enhancement, such as vertical nail points poking
up about half a cm.
What I don't know is how it would handle, with the gyroscopic effect
increased by a factor of about 30.  I don't know how it would stop either,
for the angular momentum of that wheel would be enormous.
Jamie Hyneman is a big motorcycle fan, but I wouldn't want to risk his
hurting himself with some crazy stunt I suggested.  But perhaps they
wouldn't.  They're what you call "experts."
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