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"The president clearly feels strongly about making sure we are not just
collecting information because we can, but because we should," Carney said.
"We recognize there needs to be additional constraints on how we gather and
use intelligence."  Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, official
spokesman for POTUS




Perhaps those across the Atlantic can offer hapless USians a comment or two
on yesterday's revelations by Diane Feinstein, but do ponder the comment
above by Mr. Obamao's press secretary.  The president is going all Sergeant
Shultz on us (he knows nossink! .about this other than what he reads in the
newspapers.)  Indications are to the contrary, that he knew sompzink about


Our European friends do comment please, in light of your better
understanding of how the German government behaved in the 1930s and the
Russian government behaved in the 1950s.  I see a link between this alleged
monitoring of Germany, France, Mexico, Spain, perhaps others, and the way
the ACA rollout was handled.  It is plausible to claim that the USA
sacrificed healthcare reform on the altar of inappropriate and illegitimate
data collection.  


To this day, I have never seen a reasonable official explanation for why
they wanted all that data, or what they planned to do with it, but it was
this data harvesting effort which crashed the HealthCare.gov site, required
a 600 million dollar software development effort which failed ignominiously,
taking down with it the credibility of the administration, tearing it to
bits like gay porno advertisements in the paper shredder.  All this they
did, wrecked the system and influenced government for perhaps a decade, all
in order to gobble up private data on the proletariat.


Apologies for hammering on this, but it has been a lot on my mind recently.
I honestly don't get it.  Someone here, please explain.  


Help me Obi wan Extropi, you're my only hope.



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