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>.  The gyro action of the front wheel would be increased way more than the
factor of 30, for the radius of gyration would be increased.  So the moment
of inertia of the front wheel would be increased by a factor of over a 100.
That would introduce weird handling.


>.The third think I can think of is that the ride would be far more bumpy.
This would also lead to stability issues, particularly in cornering. Imagine
hitting a pebble, and losing almost all contact with the road for a brief
time. That could lead to a kind of skipping that would likely be very
dangerous. -Kelly


No problem there: the testing would be done on an Olympic-style indoor oval
racetrack, like the one over in Santa Clara.  


I may write to Jamie Hyneman, see if he wants to try to make something like
this.  When tire rubber gets up close to 100C, it gets soft and gummy a
little, but does not break down.  The trick is to make a cast to prevent it
from deforming during the filling process.  I figured out how to do that.
This would be so cool, if I can talk the MythBusters into doing it.



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