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>.I doubt you become autistic from doing science (besides learning how to
fit in), but people with an autistic mode likely have better chances of
success in the domain.-- Dr Anders Sandberg

Anders, you have been to the extro-schmoozes and plenty of science
gatherings.  I find it striking that of all social situations, the science
and math geeks are the very most accepting of those who are socially
atypical, more accepting than even the most kindhearted religious gathering.
I recall from an extro gathering at my house a few years ago, where you were
present.  One of the near-normal followers brought her boyfriend, who was
completely normal as far as I can tell.  That poor lad was just lost,
bewildered by our crowd.  {8^D  Robert Bradbury was here, being Robert, and
he was encouraging the others to unleash their inner autistic.  I watched
the normal boyfriend from an amused distance.  {8^D  I still laugh when I
think of that.
There is no point in being a geek if you can't be weird.
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