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Note, most of this is US-centric political stuff.  Unless you have a special
interest in that, do move along, nothing to see here.  Or skip down to that
last part, with which you might have some fun.  spike



>. On Behalf Of Kelly Anderson

>>.the government, now we hear the NSA is spying on Angela Merkel.  Clearly
this bunch is corrupt to the bone. 


>.I see NOTHING wrong with the NSA spying on Angela Merkel. The only thing
they did wrong was allowing themselves to get caught.


Ja, I do see something wrong with the NSA spying on me however.  If I were
Merkel, I suppose I would feel likewise.


A problem I have had with the current bunch is they don't seem to know the
difference between our friends and our enemies.  They alienate exactly the
kinds who we should be working hard to strengthen alliances, the Brits, the
French, the commies, the Italians, DEFINITELY the krauts, all our natural
allies as the world realigns after retiring the old capitalism/communism
divide, these having merged into one nearly indistinguishable mass.  The
government should somehow farm out the task of surveillance to private
companies and industries, for none of the above list are likely to be
military adversaries.  But our companies will compete against each other,
and it looks like China will be home to the most of the strongest of those


We see the current bunch are saying the Tea Party patriots are terrorists
and coming very close to identifying them as national enemies.  OK then what
happens if they get a bunch of seats in congress next fall, more than they
already have?  Good luck in getting them to deal, after that treatment.  So
now Americans with libertarian political leanings are terrorists, while a
guy who jumps on a desk and starts murdering fellow officers while shouting
"Joseph Smith Ahkbar" is a perpetrator of workplace violence?  They can't
bring themselves to declare that guy a terrorist, but a few politicians are
terrorists, with bombs strapped to their chests and guns to our heads?


So what if the IRS does manage to destroy the Tea Party?  Who is next?
Republicans?  OK, once they are gone, who is next?  You?  There is no one to
speak up in your defense, for they have already been disposed.  It sure
looks to me like we are about 2/3 down Hayek's Road to Serfdom.


>.I thought of something else. All this time and oxygen spent on Obamacare
guarantees that we aren't doing anything to reform Social Security, Medicare
and Medicaid.  Since those are the REAL problem areas in the federal budget,
Obamacare is like the magician making us look away from where the real
action is. I can't believe I didn't see the trick before now! Even talk
radio is ignoring that stuff for the moment. -Kelly


I have heard a closely related theory, is that this O-care is a sacrificial
lamb, an intentional failure intended to distract us from immigration reform
or a path to single payer.  The reason I don't find the theory compelling is
that health care reform is the cornerstone of liberal thought, a huge
expansion of government power, and something liberals have really wanted for
a really long time.  To fail this badly would need to call into question the
whole notion of big government being trusted with anything, never mind our
entire healthcare system, along with our medical records.  I can't imagine
Obama and his people wanting to decrease the power of central government.


I can imagine a younger generation coming up which is scarcely recognizable
as a younger generation.  They may wake up and see that the government came
up with all these healthcare reforms and then sent them the bill.  Then it
will be the sixties all over again with many of the roles reversed in a
sense.  Instead of burning draft cards, that generation might burn their W2
forms.  Then we have a whole new set of headaches.


> I'll opt out unless I have an employer providing insurance by then.  Kelly


Me too.  In any election the guy with the simplest shortest bumper sticker
gets a big advantage.  This was known even before there were bumpers, back
in 1840 with Tippecanoe and Tyler too, which could be even further shortened
to Tip and Ty.  Later, it was: I Like Ike.


In the coming election I can imagine the bumper stickers:


Obama Lied, HealthCare Died


Hillary Failed to Answer the 3am Call


HealthCare.gov is why the Republicans Just Said No


My favorite I have thought of so far:


Tune In, Turn On, Opt Out


I can imagine a counterpart to that, perhaps a T-shirt worn by drunken
cheerleaders at a frat party, emblazoned with the words:


                        OPT IN!  or no pussy for YOU!


Or a related meme, also appropriate on a young attractive female body:


                        Opt in, shell out or fuck off.




                        You no opt in, I no put out.


{8^D  Kelly we could make a ton of money selling those shirts.


Inviting creative minds in ExI-chat for T-shirt or bumper sticker
suggestions, with no particular political view preferred.  I am far more
interested in making money than spreading any particular meme.









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