[ExI] BICEP2 and the Fermi paradox

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For my money, all religious writings have no more status than Aesop's
Fables - they are moral tales designed to coax humans into a functioning
society, or threaten them - whatever works!  Metaphors all and we know how
poorly humans deal with those or any other abstractions.

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> > The problem with that is that the Old Testament, which is common to
>> Jews, Christians and Islam, specifically says to kill unbelievers.  God
>> killed millions, or so they wrote.
> Yes but however bad the Old Testament's recommendations are in how to
> treat unbelievers the Koran's ideas on that subject are 10 times worse. And
> although in some ways the New Testament is kinder and gentler than the Old
> in other ways it is not. Yahweh may be the most unpleasant character in all
> of fiction but at least when you were dead he was through messing around
> with you; but when you kick the bucket Jesus is just getting warmed up and
> is determined to torturer you at a intensity level beyond human imagination
> and to keep doing it not for an astronomical number of years but for an
> INFINITE number of years. But never forget, He loves you!
>   John K Clark
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