[ExI] AI motivation, was malevolent machines (Anders Sandberg)

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Apr 11 04:24:41 UTC 2014

>... On Behalf Of Keith Henson

>...Oh, and to Spike, Tom Lehrer dates back into the early 50s.  I ran into
him in the pages of Mad Magazine around 1957.  In those days a geek was a
cheap circus sideshow act where a guy down in a pit, dressed as a caveman,
bit the heads off live chickens.

Well now Keith, I do admit you have a few more years' experience than I.
But I am old enough to have been a geek before geek was cool.  We have Bill
Gates and Steve Jobs to thank for turning that around.  

In some odd way, I almost miss the days when being a computer nerd and math
geek caused one to be a social outcast.  Being an outcast is freedom.  You
can do whatever you want, and you are already permanently outside the cool
circles anyway, so there are no repercussions.  You are free to be as smart
as you can be.  Now one can by brainy and still be cool.  So now we have
something to lose, which forces all these social graces on us, oy.


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