[ExI] Nearly respirocytes

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Fri Apr 11 18:55:12 UTC 2014

Not there yet, even by a longshot. But still looks eminently useful:
"We have developed an injectable foam suspension containing self-assembling, lipid-based microparticles encapsulatinga core of pure oxygen gas for intravenous injection. Prototype suspensions were manufactured tocontain between 50 and 90 ml of oxygen gas per deciliter of suspension. Particle size was polydisperse, with amean particle diameter between 2 and 4 mm. When mixed with human blood ex vivo, oxygen transfer from 70volume % microparticles was complete within 4 s. When the microparticles were infused by intravenousinjection into hypoxemic rabbits, arterial saturations increased within seconds to near-normal levels; thiswas followed by a decrease in oxygen tensions after stopping the infusions. The particles were also infusedinto rabbits undergoing 15 min of complete tracheal occlusion. Oxygen microparticles significantly decreasedthe degree of hypoxemia in these rabbits, and the incidence of cardiac arrest and organ injury was reducedcompared to controls. The ability to administer oxygen and other gases directly to the bloodstream may representa technique for short-term rescue of profoundly hypoxemic patients, to selectively augment oxygen deliveryto at-risk organs, or for novel diagnostic techniques. Furthermore, the ability to titrate gas infusions rapidlymay minimize oxygen-related toxicity."
Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University
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