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>…According to the lowest form of human life, medical ethicists…  John K Clark  


John from the tone of your comment, I take it you, being a higher form of human life, can give us the answers to medical ethics questions, and do so better than the experts.  I am extremely pleased to know I have a contact with that talent, for I have many questions in the area of medical ethics, many and daunting are these questions.


Do let me offer one please.


I have a friend for 2/3 of my life, came visiting this week.  His 80 yr old father is in early stage Alzheimers and recognized it in himself, since he is a doctor with many years’ experience with elderly and AD patients.  As you know about two yrs ago I had an adventure with bexarotene as a possible Alzheimers treatment.  I have been watching and listening but news of experimental results done by desperate AD patients is suppressed since the caregivers risk legal implications with regard to practicing medicine without a license.  


I suspended my own efforts because of a persistent problem regarding medical ethics: you don’t have a fully consenting patient.  In my family’s case, I wouldn’t have been able to really explain it to the patient even back long before the degradation took place: she didn’t have the science background.  It wouldn’t be ethical to continue.  So I didn’t.  


Time passes by, people pass on; with a drop of a tear, they’re gone.


Today is new day.  Now I have the potential to contact a fully consenting informed patient, who is smart as a whip and knows what is at stake.  Although his medical license is not up to date and he stopped practicing several years ago, he understands the risks of being an experimental pilot with medications and he knows what happens if he does nothing.  In some ways, fooling with bexarotene is analogous to our cryonics: we recognize it is a longshot, but we know for sure what happens if we do nothing.  


If I explain my theory, show him my calculations, give him my source for bex and share my recipe, would I still be in the green on the ethics scale?


John, what do we do now coach?


Anyone else please?



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