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>>…My questions are these: if I have a candidate who is informed and consenting, is it ethically acceptable for me to proceed with bexarotene experiments?  If so, and we find the results positive, is it OK for me (or mandatory for me) to publicize the results, knowing that it may put some desperate patients at great risk, and invite abuse with possibly fatal results?  If yes for the first question and no for the second, do not these two results contradict each other?  If yes and yes, are those results contradictory?  Is not this a classic medical ethics dilemma? 


### If you design your controls well, you will have valid results from a one-person study, an interventional case report with self-control (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6689736). This may be the lowest on the totem pole of clinical studies, but it is a piece of truth, shining however dimly where complete darkness reigns. The results may confirm the hypothesis or they may help reject it. Whatever can be destroyed by truth, should be, whether it is the idea that bexarotene does not work for AD, or that it does. We need more truth, every little crumb of it.  Rafał



It may be a case of hearing what I was hoping to hear, or wishful selection, but good enough for me.  I am convinced to proceed.  Here’s how I will do it.  I will write to my friend and former college roommate, explain the theory as I understand it (or don’t really understand it but read about the test results with mice.)  I will include the caveats Rafal offered without revealing his identity, but rather just offer the comments as from one who knows things.


I will explain my notion of solvents, how Targretin is specifically formulated to get the bexarotene to the site of the skin cancer while preventing it from getting past the blood/brain barrier, and how I think using reagent grade bexarotene in the proper solvent may enhance that crossing, so the patient would take a far lower dosage, perhaps a tenth as much, and watch the thyroid.


Rafal I do thank you for the feedback explanation regarding thyroid function.  That’s language even an engineer can understand.  In our field, we have nicknames for the various specialties.  They called us the Control Freaks.


Summary: what I now think is that I am good to go with this experiment, or at least to propose it to the patient’s son.  Does anyone here think otherwise?





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